Frédérique Albert-Bordenave

Frédérique Albert-Bordenave

Anywhere, anytime

Frédérique Albert studeerde aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Voor haar afstuderen ontwierp ze een installatie waarmee ze de relatie tussen tijd en ruimt onderzocht.

Anywhere but here, anytime but now is a spatial intervention exploring time and its relationship with space. Time is a man-made construct harnessed from nature’s rhythms and cycles, then engineered into a consumable rationality by which we live by and insist on viewing one edge at a time. Detached from the commonly established perspective of time as a sequence of events, the installation materializes with light a choreography between time and space wherein the two merge in a way that multiple dimensions of that space become simultaneously present. Precisely here, exactly now.
In a completely darkened setting, a single light source emanates from the grip of a robotic arm facing an architectonic scaled model of the space. The robotic arm leads a choreography with the model while upon the entire space is cast the moving shadows of the space itself. The space appears to get out of its own structure, to move freely in its enclosure. Like clocks, calendars and sundials, the installation seeks the repetition of movements. The robot arm operates as a light instrument moving along a defined sequence of movements to visualize the passage of time with shadows.”


Name: Frédérique Albert-Bordenave
Academy: Gerrit Rietveld academie,Amsterdam

  • Date 15 september 2017
  • Tags Genomineerden

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