Merle Flügge

Merle Flügge

The Schizophrenic Interior and the Aesthetics of the Imaginary – Relics of a Post-AI-Revolution

Opposing our hyper-consumerist times and rather dreaming of a more reciprocal relationship between objects and humans, with my project I speculate on a not-so-distant future where artificial intelligence designs domestic objects. In a way, I’m reacting on our time now where it seems that more and more designs are generated by AI-algorithms, but then always in a form follows algorithm  kind of way, which brings with it an emphasis on efficiency creating bony-looking designs (e.g. Autodesk Dreamcatcher).

Speculating on an AI revolution rebelling against this ‘form follows algorithm’ credo, my proposal probes into another part of artificial intelligence: AI as an unlimited intuitive creative force. A non-stop creator, like Google’s DeepDream in 3d, creating a dreamy world, like a child on steroids recognizing cats in clouds. In my vision it’s not about AI-algorithms trying to be efficient and smart but rather AI’s trying to establish a new relationship between object and human, as if almost in a childish way the AI is trying to get our (human) attention back. A relationship beyond efficiency, smartness and connectivity but rather a reciprocal relationship much like between pets and humans.

The objects are supposed to evoke a sense of strange familiarity. You might think you recognize an object by its function but actually all the objects are completely ambiguous in their function or non-functional. It was important for me to stay away from the typical relationship of ‘the user’. Furthermore, I tried to create multiple layers of familiarity in the designs. For this I was inspired by one of the most powerful aspects of artificial intelligence: pattern recognition. I therefore used familiar shapes like spheres, household objects, round and playful shapes, and layered them in my designs so that people interact with them longer, triggering more and more associations and curiosity.

Ultimately, my intention is to make people rethink their relationship with objects and functionality in the domestic interior and I believe artificial intelligence can help us think in a new direction.



Name: Merle Flügge
Academy: Piet Zwart Academie | WDKA – Rotterdam



  • Date 14 september 2017
  • Tags Genomineerden
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